Megayachts are expensive but there are alternatives

Having a boat is the dream of every sailor and lover of the sea, but not everyone can maintain the costs of this luxury, so not everyone can have this luxury, but there are other alternatives to enjoy it.

Renting a boat is not so expensive, and can be rented at any time of the year, for as long as you want, a day or several days, plan a weekend on the Balearic island, tour its coasts, sunbathe.

In they offer several alternatives to rent a boat, you will be able to have a yacht, boat, a sailboat, and to share it with your friends or relatives.

You may be the skipper of the boat, but you must take the conditions demanded by each owner, and you must present your license and updated recommendations, but personally it is recommended to choose the additional option of a skipper, is a safer way to travel.

It is recommended that you also have the relevant insurance, so you can be reassured in the event of an unforeseen event, such as the weather, or other circumstances, the vast majority of travel insurance covers this type of voyages.

Let’s rent a Mangusta 108

This is a luxury yacht where your family and friends can enjoy and tranquility that your loved ones, and friends deserve, the mangusta 108 this has space for you to take 2 jet skis, to distract yourself in the beautiful waters of Ibiza.

Sporty, spacious, luxurious, and the rooms of this boat do not escape these characteristics, has a main cabin, a VIP, and two triple, in these cabins can rest 8 very comfortable people, during the day the yacht has a capacity of 10 people, the crew is 3 plus the chef.

Additional in the yacht has LCD and plasma televisions, DVD, HI-FI audio, toys to distract: wakeboard, diving equipment, jet ski, jet tender, characteristics of the boat is equipment: engines 2 man x 2735 hp, consumes 1000 lts x hour, cruising speed 35 Knots, maximum 40 Knots.

You can book in advance through the website rental prices is per season, in low season the charter per day is 9,500 €, medium 10,500 €, high 10,500 €, these prices do not include VAT or fuel.

Remember that you must check through the form on the website the availability of this luxurious yacht, and through the page you can make payment in advance for the reservation of the date you want to enjoy the holidays in Ibiza.

If you select this yacht with or without skipper, they suggest several routes to enjoy your trip from the port s of Ibiza, San Antonio, and Santa Eulalia, places where you anchor and enjoy the crystal clear waters and have the experience with nature, where you can enjoy a good cuisine, beaches, etc..

They will be able to advise you what route you can take to take advantage of the whole trip, happy holidays on a luxurious yacht an unforgettable experience.

Water filter

Water is an essential resource for the development of life in any field, which is why, regardless of the space in which it is developed, there must be a full guarantee that the essential resource will be available.

It is for that reason that when being in high sea it is required of the disposition of consumable water or that is apt for the human use, to achieve this it is required of some elements in the installation of the pipes as it is the water filters.

The smallest of all those that are in existence in the market is the water filter that offers, the most complete virtual store in products that are related to the nautical activity, this has a catalog of more than 8000 products.

The products of this shop are elaborated by the best manufacturers in naval equipment as well as in the instrumentation and all those elements that represent an important role in the execution of the nautical activity.

That is why in the online shop boats the water filter is one of the best-selling products being this one of the main reasons for the decrease in price in the catalog of the same, this is an article that should be considered to improve the comfort of the crew.

This filter is usually located in an area close to the pump and with the packages that come out of it to the internal pipes of the ship, the purpose of this is to keep drinking water free of residues of saline water and other pollutants.

This is a product that can be purchased through this platform at very low cost and can also be moved to other regions throughout Europe thanks to the shipping services provided by the virtual store itself.

Why buy this product?

When purchasing products through the services offered by you can count on a series of advantages, these are especially oriented towards the investment cost of purchasing a product.

In the first place, in the case of this type of water filters, there is the benefit of acquiring a product that can be found at a discount in the shop and which, contrary to popular belief, is not a second-hand item.

In fact in this electronic store all the products offered are 100% guaranteed for their good quality, this guarantee applies with the same period of time for all products being the same for a total of 2 years.

In addition to relying on the efficiency and quality of the service of the store also provides a benefit that most electronic stores do not offer as is the free returns service, this is possible in the event that the product upon arrival at destination present irregularities.

On the other hand the cost of the shipments can vary according to the distance that the package will have to cover as well as the dimensions of the same one, nevertheless the initial tariff is established in 4€.